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craving something different to do with your friends?


Finding something that’ll satisfy everyone is near impossible, right?

You could just give up and just do the usual...



…but where’s the fun in that?



You don’t have to settle for what’s out there to have a meaningful bonding experience everyone will be delighted with.


So whether you’re celebrating a milestone, or just want to gather your friends...

How about a RELAXED night in where everyone makes and takes an exquisite work of art to adorn their space with?


From the art-lovers to the number-people in your group,

I’ll help you craft the perfect atmosphere that’ll captivate all of your guests.


Introducing the totem Workshop

so you can finally relax knowing you’ll host an unforgettable time everyone will savor.

starting at $65 per person


wonderful words from past workshop hosts


Here’s what you get...

  • 15, 30, 45-piece project size. your choice!

  • All the materials and instruction, so you can focus on the other components for the gathering.

  • No skills required, so everyone can feel good regardless of their experience.

  • Flexible payment schedules, so you can choose whether to treat everyone (you amazing human, you), or for everyone to pay for their own.

  • Ready to hang artwork at the end, so everybody feels accomplished and confident.

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easy breezy booking



step 1

gather 5-12 of your friends




step 2

↓ send me a message here ↓




Step 3

pay a 50% deposit 


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