Welcome! Thank yar for stopping by and perusing. My name’s Katie and I’m a full-time ceramicist and woodworker making and residing in Hazel Park, Michigan.

I like to consider myself a modern cave girl, and much of my work is reflective of what you might find in such a girl's cave—minimal, functional and decorative handmade works created with clay, wood and abundant good vibes.

As a Michigan native, I spent the majority of my childhood outside, exploring the natural wonders of the Great Lakes region and collecting rocks, which I’ve been storing in my pockets ever since. My early love affair with the outdoors eventually led me west to Colorado and Oregon, where I started studying ceramics while taking full advantage of mountain living. After exploring the national parks and forests to my heart’s content, I packed up and headed home to pursue a ceramics degree from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, which I received in 2011.

I am my happiest when I’m creating. Simple, beautiful things to celebrate your home and decorate your dwelling. When I’m not working with clay, you can find me (still covered in dust and dirt) hustling in the woodshop, designing spaces, riding my motorcycle or throwing the frisbee to my doggo Earl.