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always seeking work/play balance,

how is it we usually end up sacrificing one or the other?



let’s face it…



24 hours is just not enough these days.

As our dreams start coming into focus, we still need to be reminded to slow down and savor the fruits of our labor.

so happy you drifted my way, friend…

Because that’s exactly where I come in!


I’m Katie…

…and I make products for treasure-seekers like you who are relearning the art of slow living and crave to reconnect with the essentials.


My work exists at the intersection of high-design, geology and craft.

each piece is made by hand always with reverence to and loose handling of the raw materials.

The result is a beach-washed, unplugged aesthetic that enhances your restorative spaces and reminds you to take a deep breath and unhurry.



I believe our homes should be sacred shelters from the hustle.



they’re spaces to unplug, raise families, find stillness, comfort, and get reacquainted with our essence.

I value quality craftsmanship, sharing knowledge, uplifting others, celebrating the imperfect, slowing down, being in nature, and the life.


My journey here has been winding.


Born and raised in the Great Lakes region, I’ve always collected stories, shells, and sticks.

I realized that I was drawn to become a maker while studying interior design in college. A few years, a sold-out senior show, and a BFA in Ceramics from the College for Creative Studies later, the path ahead of me began crystalizing and I was determined to use what I had where I was and make do. is my lifestyle— a call to action to use the materials, tools, and talents i have, where i am, to make my living.



After graduating, I worked at The Artisan’s Bench, an art gallery in Brighton, MI.

It was during this time that I joined forces with my partner, Carter. Together we transformed parts of our home into a wood, metal fab, and motorcycle shop, and a clay studio.

I gained a lifetime’s-worth of experience handling sales, inventory, visual merchandising, window displays, and artist relations at The Artisan’s Bench. However, the 100-mile commute and lack of benefits were the catalysts I needed to make a major move into entrepreneurship.

I inaugurated my business,, with a wildly successful home-based exhibit called ‘in situ’. The name referenced the fact that the work was made and displayed humbly in my home. This show sparked the beginning of making a living, on my own terms, as an artist, designer, and consultant.

In 2018, after 2 illuminating pop-up weekends at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, I permanently moved in, and I’m the proud owner of KB & Co (formerly, where you’ll find my original work as well as those of other artists like me.

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Fun facts

my last name rhymes with sandwich. bramlage. sandwich.

all the energy used to create my work is green energy from wind and solar.

summer camp kid for life.

100% rock nerd all the time.

Type A Aries Rat and a 1 on Enneagram.

my live-in muse is Earl, my 7-year old rescue. His role on my team is critical as he reminds me to stop and play every day.

speaking of my team, i keep it all in the family. you’ll find my sister Jenny in charge of the shop on sundays. and my dad jeff is my new production assistant.

i’m way into inclusivity, body positivity, music all the way up, dogs, cold brew, thrifting.

and i’ll talk yar ear off about detroit movers and shakers, the creative process and moving through fear and doubt, and geology (I love rocks, remember?).


when i’m not at kb & co, you’ll find me:

• designing custom pieces for clients

I really enjoy designing custom works for clients. message me your ideas and let’s set up a time to chat. installation services are available upon request.

• consulting in visual merchandising, window displays, and styling

my interior design and maker talents unite to help make your space (or your shop’s windows) places to be proud of. Consultation is $50/hr and window displays are priced per project.

• or providing a unique shopping experience at the Rust belt market

a great way to visit the collection and meet me in person.

Available for private shopping Monday - thursday from 10am - 7pm by appointment.


interested in a custom piece, private rust belt market shopping experience, or my consulting and design services?

I’d love to hear from yar.

email: or type your message below.

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